Friday, October 10, 2008

Ryker Newman is here!

Obviously it's been a while since our last update, but you can see what we've been up to. After what seemed like an eternity of pregnancy to Nicky, she finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Tuesday, October 7 at 8:34 am. He was 8 lbs, 2 oz, 19.5 in long. His name is Ryker Jess Newman.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Keely's Second Year video

Keely Moments

Lexi and Keely

Keely loves to dress up. Shoes are the greatest invention.

Peeking through the slide structure with a dirty little face of course.

Another dirty little face, but this time for good reason. Mommy and Daddy took her camping and decided that the big sink outside was a better place to bathe Keely. She hates showers, but I think she hated us more at that moment.

Birthday Girl

It seems just like yesterday that we brought this little girl home. She is no longer my little baby, but a little girl. This year has gone by far too fast, but we have made the most of our days together. We continue to go on outings with our friend Lexi and her parents, library time is a favorite on Tuesdays, and we have our playgroup on Wednesdays. Between everyday life events and our daily activities Keely and Mommy stay very busy.
We celebrated this year with family at Grandma Denton's house for birthday number two. The cousins had a good time taking their hand at Nemo with a bat (I wasn't sure how that would go over). Keely had a Nemo cake and finally ate the cake after licking the frosting completely off (she didn't want any at her first birthday).
We shall see what the next year brings. I know for sure that it will not be uneventful or boring with this one around. She has made our lives more interesting and given us a lot of laughter and joy. Happy Birthday Keely :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Disintregrated Biosystems

We received some rather bad news at the beginning of November. Karl's company Integrated Biosystems will be closing and moving to Springfield, Missouri. Most of the employees at the Napa office were laid off at the beginning of November, however, Karl will be staying on until the end of March. We are unwilling to move to Springfield away from family and friends and to an unstable job environment. We hope to stay in the area and are excited about the possibilities for Karl to pursue his passion in Software Engineering.

Fall Nears to a Close

As winter is closing in we have celebration of holidays and birthdays to prepare for. We will be celebrating without a few members of our family this year, however, we will look forward to seeing them soon.